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THE Mashonaland East provincial administrator has slammed local authorities in the area for coming up with unrealistic development projects, which they later on fail to implement in light of the economic challenges the country faces.

Cuthbert Ndarukwa said this during a recent provincial development committee meeting held in Marondera, adding that in doing so the councils ended up losing the trust of the communities that they serve.

The meeting was attended by district administrators, chief executives from local authorities and heads of various government departments.

During the meeting, the local authorities rolled out a total of 582 projects valued at $771 million.

However, Ndarukwa said he was shocked that the same councils were coming up with new projects when last year they had failed to implement and complete most of their proposed programmes then worth $140 million due to lack of funding.

According to minutes, it was revealed that $441 million would go towards urban housing development, $208 million to agriculture, $112 million to social service and $9 million to infrastructure development.

Although expectations were high during the meeting, it was not clear from the local authorities where the councils would get the funds for the proposed projects, considering that most of the programmes proposed last year had not seen the light of the day.

Ndarukwa, who chaired the meeting, was more frank with his colleagues, telling them not to be over ambitious in light of the harsh economic environment the country finds itself in.

“Councils should guard against proposing projects that are not commensurate with their budgets. We should reflect on the correct position. When we look at the actual implementation according to last year’s proposals, it’s clear that turn-out was low. Most of the projects were not funded.

“In some cases, there were no projects implemented and that is a cause for concern. Communities will begin to be disheartened because of that. We promise them yet we fail to full-fill our promises.

We should always be realistic because next time, they won’t be interested in whatever we say,” said Ndarukwa.

He urged the local authorities to be more strategic and look and how best they can source funding in order to implement their projects.

Source : New Zimbabwe