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THE Mashonaland West Handball Association have named their boys and girls Under-16 teams that are set to tour Hamburg, Germany, for a sporting and cultural exchange programme in April.

This came after a Cape Town-based non-profit organisation, the GeBe Foundation, who have sporting links with several sports associations in Germany, extended an invitation to the Mashonaland West Handball Association to send teams to the European country for this programme.

In fact, the two teams from Mashonaland Handball Association will form a Mashrhino select side for the proposed tour of Hamburg from April 2-19 and they will be hosted by the Hamburger Handball Association during their 16-day stay in Germany.

The Hamburger Handball Association, through their official Eke Becker, recently confirmed that they will be hosting the Mashrhino select side in April this year and they have already drawn up a training programme for them.

And Alfos Mhondiwa, the vice-chairperson of the Mashonaland West Handball Association, at the weekend released a list of 22 players and officials for this tour.

“We have picked our boys and girls Under-16 teams that we intend to take to Hamburg for our maiden tour of Germany which is part of a sporting and cultural exchange programme that has been facilitated for us by the GeBe Foundation through their founder and director Bernd Wulffen, a German who is based in Cape Town, South Africa.

“For this tour, we have selected a team of talented boys and girls whom I think will be good ambassadors for both Zimbabwe and handball in this country in general during their stay there,” Mhondiwa said.

During their stay in Hamburg, the Mashrhino’s boys and girls Under-16 sides are first scheduled to take part in the Hanse Cup on April 4 and 5 as guests of the Hamburger Handball Association before they get involved in several coaching programmes there. They will also play in a number of friendly matches with some top junior handball teams as part of their training programme.

The coaches, who will accompany the Mashrhino teams, also have coaching clinics lined up for them in Hamburg.

In fact, Wulffen of the GeBe Foundation recently said that they would like to have at least 10 handball coaches from Zimbabwe for this “high level” coaching clinic which is also being facilitated by the Hamburger Handball Association.

And Mhondiwa said this will go a long way in helping in the development of handball in Zimbabwe.

“For our trip to Germany, I think we will take three coaches from Mashonaland West with us but I understand that the GeBe Foundation have also invited other coaches from Zimbabwe, through the Zimbabwe Handball Federation, to attend the same coaching clinic.

“So, I hope the other local coaches will get in touch with the ZHF so that they will be part of the travelling party to Germany in April. But the most important thing for this trip is that it will give both our players and coaches the much-needed international exposure at the highest level because Germany is rated as a handball powerhouse, not only in Europe but in the rest of the world,” Mhondiwa said.

The Mashonaland West Handball Association’s vice-chairperson also said that they have included five more players from Kutama College and Herbert Chitepo Primary School in their squads for Germany.

The five players are Ryan Munaki, Kelvin Kembo, Runyararo Tizora (all Kutama College), Takudzwa Sande and T Chiramba (both from Hebert Chitepo Primary School). “I’ve also spoken to a number of people, including Beauty Mutsambiwa, the headmistress of Harare’s Girls High School, and they indicated that they would like to be included in the same sporting and cultural exchange programme in Germany and I think this is also good for the development of handball in Zimbabwe,” Mhondiwa said.

The MashRhino Squad

for the Germany Tour

Boys Under-16: Takudzwa Panavanhu, Runyararo Tizora, Tanatswa Dzotizeyi, Keith Mushaninga, Donovan Mhundwa, Kennedy Chafuta, Takunda Karidza, Simbarashe Musonza, Walter Chidakwa, Takudzwa Sande.

Girls Under-16: Patience Sindi, Anesu Bonomali, Tatendaishe Shalom Rabengai, Gloria Zhou, Marlon Machingura, Patience Madhumo, Sandra Sigela, Charmaine Gororo.

Officials: Alfos Mhondiwa (technical director), Norman Mkondiwa (coach), Poncio Mupondi (coach), Augustin Ndaizivei (coach).

Tour HamburgGermany Itinerary

4 April: Bundesliga game HSV

4-5 April: Hanse Cup HamburgBergedorf

7-8 April: Joint training with HSV youth teams

9 April: Hamburger SV professional team training session

10 April: Small sided tournament with HSV youth teams

14 April: Joint training with HSV youth teams

15 April: Joint training with HSV youth teams

17 April: Small-sided tournament with HSV youth teams

18 April: Bundesliga game HSV

*Also scheduled is a women’s Bundesliga game Hamburg-Barmbek

Training sessions with teams of TH Eilbek, HG Hamburg- Barmbek,TUS Aumuehle and Wohldorf.

Berlin day trip (date to be announced)

13 April visit of Hamburg DOM (fair ground)

Visit of Hagenbeck Zoo (to be announced)

Source : The Herald