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THE opposition, Zimbabwe Development Party (ZDP) has urged President Robert Mugabe to dissolve parliament and form a coalition government with opposition movements to avoid political unrest “which is imminent”.

“We have been prompted to petition His Excellence after having recognized that we might see demonstrations and total anarchy in the country in the foreseeable future”, the party said in a petition handed over to President Mugabe’s Munhumutapa offices at the weekend.

“As you are aware your Excellence, the media has been awash with reports of planned street demonstrations which will further bring the already ailing economy to a total halt.”

The party added: “Your Excellence, the general public is disgruntled, and we do not like to see possible nasty demonstrations in our beloved country as this will not do any good to our economy and will not give a good picture on the International arena.

“Cabinet is also not performing as expected.

“In wake of the above, we are humbly suggesting that you set up a five-year political transition comprising of all political parties on Zimbabwe Electoral Commission.

“The transitional arrangement would administer electoral and political reforms necessary for unity and economic growth.”

The country’s economy has continued to struggle despite the Zanu PF-led government promising a revival while campaigning for the 2013 general elections.

Thousands of people have been laid off from companies forced to shut down due to viability challenges.

Source : New Zimbabwe