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A MENTAL health patient from Chivi was lucky to escape jail for killing a man by stabbing him with a knife and crushing his head with a heavy stone following a misunderstanding at a beer drink.

Adias Mudzambi, 46, of Chief Madamombe, Chivi appeared before High Court Judge Justice Francis Bere on circuit in Masvingo, charged with the murder of Luckson Bera.

Prosecutor Elson Chavarika told the court that on December 20, 2003, the two men were drinking at a local pub when a misunderstanding arose after Mudzambi allegedly made remarks that Bera failed to comprehend.

The misunderstanding resulted in Bera assaulting Mudzambi with fists in the face twice. The attack did not amuse Mudzambi’s nephew who was also at the pub.

Mudzambi’s nephew challenged Bera over the matter and the two men starting pushing and shoving each other with Mudzambi watching.

Mudzambi’s nephew then picked a stone and struck Bera on the left side of the face and Bera collapsed.

At that stage Mudzambi moved over to where the helpless Bera was, knelt over him and stabbed him with a knife on the neck three times. He then picked up a big stone and crushed Bera’s head.

The court found Mudzambi guilty of Bera’s murder but ruled that he was not criminally responsible for his actions because of mental illness.

Source : New Zimbabwe