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Energy and Power Development Minister, Dzikamai Mavhaire, was last week snubbed by villagers in Siabuwa where he commissioned an electricity project set up by the Rural Electricity Agency (REA). Only a handful of villagers showed up at Siabuwa Primary School for the commissioning of the project while the rest chose to stay at home. His audience was largely made up of school children.

Riled by the poor attendance, Mavhaire had no kind words for the villagers. He accused those who stayed behind of failing to appreciate developmental initiatives being spearheaded by government in the area. “I am surprised to see that there is a large number of school children here but we have very few parents. Or should I conclude that the adults who are here are the parents of all these children?”

“It is very disheartening that some of you are not coming to witness these government initiated projects which seek to develop the area. Even if you do not come to us, we will still come to your homes with government developmental projects,” he said.

Binga is largely occupied by the BaTonga who have constantly cried foul over government’s failure to develop the area. Binga South has been voting for the MDC-T since 2000. Currently, the seat is held by Dubeko Prince Sibanda who was conspicuous by his absence at the function. The district had no mobile network access until March when REA electrified the area. This enabled two of the country’s three mobile network operators, Netone and Econet to set up base stations in Binga.

The road leading to the area from Karoi turn off, a 33 kilometre stretch, is not tarred and only all terrain vehicles are able to access Siabuwa. As a result, most transport operators have shunned the route. During the burial of national hero, Andrew Sikajaya Muntanga who was the first lawmaker for Binga in post independent Zimbabwe, his son Dominic took a swipe at government for neglecting Binga.

Dominic said despite the BaTonga having been displaced during the construction of the Kariba Dam, they have not meaningfully benefitted from its creation. The young Muntanga highlighted at the funeral that underdevelopment in Binga is the reason why ZANU-PF has failed to recapture the two parliamentary seats (Binga North and Binga South) from the opposition.

Addressing the villagers, Mavhaire, said government would ensure that every household will have chickens on their door step in line with the Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation, which seeks to ensure food security at household level in the next five years. ? Own Correspondent

Source : Financial Gazette