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After failing to release a new project last year due to various challenges, Mawungira eNharira will soon unleash their eighth release to give fans a fresh feel of their mbira vibes. In an interview with The Herald Entertainment on the sidelines of their performance at the Book Cafe last week, group leader Tichaona “Nyamasvisva” MaAfrica said they are currently in the studio and the project will be done soon.

“We wanted to release the album last year but failed due to some factors beyond our control but we would like to assure our fans that everything is now on course and a new album is coming.

“We are currently in the studio and everything is going well,” he said.

Mawungira eNharira gave a sterling performance last weekend when they shared the stage with Matendera Ekumbvazuva.

They played most songs from their album “Vhunza Mutupo”.

Commenting on the choice of their list, Nyamasvisva said it was a reminder for people to maintain their culture.

“A lot is happening these days and people are running away from their own identities and cultures to such an extent that people no longer ask each other about totems when they fall in love and some end up marrying people from their clans.

“This is a taboo in our culture as Zimbabweans since it is not allowed for people of the same totem to marry. Through our songs, we are reminding the youngsters about the importance of respecting our cultures especially on issues of marriage,” he said.

They also played some of their hits including “Ninga Huru”, “Madzinza”, “Shungu Dzamukoma” and “Chitovapasi” among others.

They closed the show with their new single which is on the upcoming album “Soko Mukanya” which Nyamasvisva has personally dedicated to his mother.

Formed by Nyamasvisva in 2003, the group has over the years mesmerised fans with a celebration of rich traditional music with the mbira instrument taking centre stage.

To date, they have more than six albums to their credit and have also headlined some of the most prestigious traditional music festivals, like the Zimbabwe Music Festival Bira and Mbira Month. They perform regularly at the Book Cafeacute and command a massive following there.

Some of their albums include “Mawungira”, “Chinamanenji”, “Ndodyiwa Nemakava”, “Nhoroondo”, “Hurongwa” and “Vhunza Mutupo”.

They have performed across the country and beyond where the response to their music has been positive.

Source : The Herald