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Renowned traditional music group Mawungira eNharira will make a rare collaboration with an all-female mbira ensemble, Mhare DzeNharira, at Book Cafeacute tonight. The show is dubbed “Mbira Kumachembere” and according to Mawungira eNharira leader, Wilfred “Nyamasvisva” Maafrika, they were celebrating diversity that makes up local traditional music.

“We are happy to be collaborating with Mhare DzeNharira because they are one of the few groups that play mbira dzevadzimu. Their music is pure traditional music that is not fused with any contemporary instruments,” said Nyamasvisva said.

The nhovapasi bass mbira player said he took pride in resilient Mhare DzeNhararira women who were setting a good example for fellow female musicians.

He said the local culture entails real men to support such women.

“This group is a first of its kind and they have managed to create their own identity.

“While there are many others, they have limited themselves to play the common mbira, nyonganyonga. Mhare DzeNharira are women of Chihera totem who have embraced everything that comes with our tradition,” he said.

He said the female traditionalists’ music takes people back to the times when local culture used to be fully embraced.

Nyamasvisva encouraged other women to follow in the footsteps of the group saying the mbira was an instrument like no other.

“I urge people to come in their numbers to witness this wonder. As usual, we promise to deliver the best of our music. However, it is all about the ladies this time,” he said.

Mhare DzeNharira was formed a year ago and derive their name from the sacred Nharira hills in Norton. The five-member group is led by Benita Tarupiwa, a well-travelled mbira player who has performed in countries like Germany, Sweden and the United Kingdom. They are based in Mhondoro and are currently working on their debut album.

Meanwhile, Norton based Mbira DzeNharira are also making a date at their base at Gijima Sports Bar tonight.

Source : The Herald