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Zanu-PF secretary for production and labour Cde Dzikamai Mavhaire has challenged Zimbabweans to use land productively and help revive the economy.

Addressing villagers in Zishumbe resettlement area in Masvingo North on Friday last week, Cde Mavhaire said people must not wait for Government to initiate development programmes.

“Our people should stop this culture of waiting for Government to do everything for them. People should first do something for their Government for the latter to be able to deliver services to them. We have a big challenge as a country to develop our economy and produce enough food for ourselves,” he said.

“We should spare our Government the challenge of going to neighbouring countries every year to look for food when we have the land. We must work on the land and produce enough food for ourselves,” he said.

Cde Mavhaire said Zimbabwe used to be self-reliant in food before the land reform programme with a majority of agro-based industries getting their raw materials locally.

“We wonder what has really gone wrong in our country. The cattle that used to drive CSC were produced locally and the maize that used to feed this nation was also grown in this country.

“Today we have given our people an opportunity to take over the farms and ranches that used to be run by white former farmers, but we are now having problems. This means something is wrong. We need to work hard,” said Cde Mavhaire.

He castigated individuals who sold agricultural inputs given to them for free by Government.

Cde Mavhaire took a swipe at some local farmers who sell their maize to middlemen at give away prices to earn quick money.

“It is a shame that we have some of our people who are selling a bucket of maize for as little as US$3 while others are also cheaply selling their maize to private buyers instead of delivering their crop to the GMB which pays better prices and also ensures that the country has adequate food reserves,” he said.

Speaking at the same gathering, Chief Chikwanda decried the shortage of draught power in Masvingo North, saying it was stifling efforts to boost agricultural production.

The chief appealed to Government to intensify the cattle breeding programme for resettled farmers to get draught power.

Cde Mavhaire later handed over bicycles, generators, fertilisers and seeds to farmers and agricultural extension workers from Masvingo North who excelled in producing various crops.

Source : The Herald