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One of the interesting episodes of “Gringo Troublemaker” was when Gringo, real name Lazarus Boora, went hungry after his boss Gweshegweshe ordered the maid not to give him food.

Gringo went into their bedroom where he found Mbudziyadhura enjoying his meal. The latter munched his share to the last bit while the hungry Gringo watched. A new comic actor was launched into the psyche and hearts of Zimbabweans.

Years later The Herald Entertainment caught up with this funny character who opened up about his life and how he began his acting career.

Born on April 4 1974, his parents christened him Blessing Chimhowa.

But it is the alias Mbudziyadhura from the Gringo drama series by which he is known by most. He says scriptwriter Enock Chihombori came up with the name.

“Enock just told me he heard people calling each other that name at his workplace and that is when he fell in love with it and created a character for it in his ‘Gringo series’.”

Chimhowa himself did not care about the character’s name, little realising that it would become his own brand.

“To me the name did not matter. All I wanted was a role in the drama since I love acting,” he said.

He started acting when he was still in primary school at Sheni Primary in Mutare.

Since then his passion and love for acting grew.

He has done a number of popular productions and has worked with legends in the Zimbabwean acting industry.

His first breakthrough was when he featured on the popular film “Yellow Card” where he played the character of Obert, the guy who fell in love with the girl who had broken up with Tiyane, the main actor. It was then that he introduced his cap trademark.

He next featured on “Soles of Emmanuel”, “Salome” a stage play that premiered at Hifa 2000, “Such is life” a short film and a number of episodes in the Gringo series. He has also done some radio aerts and radio dramas.

But it was his role on the last Gringo series, Gringo the troublemaker that was launched in 2013 that raised his bar.

His comic, soft character drove people crazy leading to showers of praise on the actor. In an interview with The Herald Entertainment, Chimhowa said despite the industry not being so rewarding, he remains committed to his acting career.

“I am in this for the love of it and not for money, if it was for money I could have stopped long back. I am very ambitious as far as acting is concerned,” he said.

He also bemoaned lack of support from responsible authorities in the arts industry especially for actors.

“I also feel as a country we have not been doing enough to protect and uplift the arts industry, we need rules that protect our works as the arts industry can be one of the biggest employers in the country, We also want drama and theatre schools to equip the current and upcoming artists. This will improve the quality of our productions to international levels,” he said.

Mbudziyadhura is optimistic that if given the support, Zimbabwean actors can be better than the Nollywood and Ghallywood stars.

“No disrespect for Nigerian actors but I think this country has more talented actors but in Nigeria the industry is well supported even though some of their productions leave a lot to be desired,” he said.

Commenting on his new projects, he said he has quite a number of projects that are ready for release but the usual challenge of pecuniary considerations have left him stuck. But he is sure that he will persevere and overcome.

“I would not want to say much for professional reasons, what I can say is I have a number of dramas coming and I am also working with upcoming dancehall artiste Celcious on his videos,” he said.

Source : The Herald