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THE opposition MDC Renewal Team has said it is “extremely shocked” by reports that President Robert Mugabe is taking home a pay packet of about US$12,000 and reportedly wants the amount increased.

Mugabe revealed his salary Thursday while expressing concern over the poor wages earned by government employees.

Only last April, the veteran leader claimed to have been earning US$4,000 which means his salary has been increased three times within a year.

Said the MDC Renewal Team: “It is also worrying to note that Mugabe claims to be earning US$12,000 a month when last year he claimed that he only earned US$4,000 a month.

“How he got his salary adjusted by such a wide margin only points to the lack of transparency and high level corruption in the government of the day.

“As the chief executive of Zimbabwe, Mugabe must put the interests of the people ahead.”

The Zanu PF leader also reportedly said he wanted an increment, moaning that the US$12,000 was not in line with the packages of regional counterparts.

But the MDC Renewal Team said it was incredible that Mugabe would demand a pay hike a time when the country is facing a serious socio-economic crisis because of his misrule.

“It is a clear indication that Mugabe is out of touch with the reality on the ground,” the party said in a statement.

“We are shocked that Mugabe wants a salary increase when we are living in Zimbabwe where an economy has since ceased to exist.

“The government, which remains the biggest employer in the country, is increasingly failing to pay the civil servants on time and fewer and fewer people have a guaranteed salary at the end of every month.”

The party said it was insensitive for Mugabe to demand more money at a time his finance minister and the governor of the central bank have been calling on government and the private sector to freeze salaries until the economy improves.

“As the MDC Renewal Team we urge Mugabe to emulate other world leaders like Uruguay President Jose Mujica, who reportedly earns around $12,000 a year and donates 90 per cent of it to charity.

“His (Mugabe’s) outrageous demands for a salary increase are an insult considering that more than 95 percent of the country’s population are now vendors while according to recent … more than 75 percent of those still fortunate to be in formal employment are earning at least US$200 a month with the majority earning US$100 or less, an amount which way below the poverty datum line.

Source : New Zimbabwe