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THE MDC Renewal Team has commended former Vice President Joice Mujuru’s apology for her rule in in Zanu PF’s misrule over the decades.

The country’s former number two recently apologised to the nation for her role in Zimbabwe’s decline.

“We collectively failed in our basic mandate to the nation. For my role in the failure I am truly sorry and I apologise to my fellow Zimbabweans,” Mujuru said in a statement.

She was sacked from Zanu PF after being accused of incompetence, corruption and, more seriously, plotting to illegally topple and even assassinate President Robert Mugabe.

“We salute Mai Mujuru for apologising to the people of Zimbabwe,” MDC Renewal head of international relations and national management committee member, Gorden Moyo, said at a press briefing in Gweru on Friday.

Moyo, who was speaking at the party’s National Council meeting in the Midlands capital, said Mujuru deserved respect for her courage in expressing regret for her part in Zanu PF’s misrule over the decades.

“She said she is sorry and she is apologetic for having worked with a man called Mugabe, a man who is a people’s tormentor, a man who has killed people killed the economy and we respect her moral courage.

“That is the kind of courage that we have not seen from a number of leaders.”

Moyo said the Renewal Team national councillors resolved to engage other political parties and formations towards the formation of a coalition against Zanu PF in the 2018 elections.

“Once Mujuru forms a party we will engage with them indeed there are many issues we share with them to move the nation forward,” he said.

The Renewal Team was going to hold an elective congress at the end of July where the national executive would be chosen.

Moyo said the party’s name, ideology and identity would be confirmed at the gathering.

Source : New Zimbabwe