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THE MDC Renewal Team will this weekend travel to Masvingo province to explain the decision to suspend Morgan Tsvangirai and their plans going forward, an official revealed Thursday.

The country’s biggest opposition party has been split in two after a group led by secretary general Tendai Biti and former energy minister Elton Mangoma pressed Tsvangirai to step down and allow a new leadership to take over.

Tsvangirai, backed by several in the party’s top leadership refused to step down and was suspended by the leadership renewal group.

The former premier and his allies responded by kicking the pro-leadership change group out of the party.

Acting spokesperson of the renewal team in Masvingo Tongai Matutu told Newzimbabwe.com in an exclusive interview that entire renewal team led by Eliot Mangoma and Tendai Biti will be in Masvingo on Africa Day meeting with supporters and putting up a provincial structure.

“The renewal team will be meeting its members and explaining to the people what really inspired the team to call for a leadership renewal in the MDC as well as to set the objectives of the party straight, after that we will set up relevant structures for the province,” Matutu said.

Matutu said MDC supporters should shun the narrative of populist politics being used by the Tsvangirai camp in a bid to divert attention from the key issues of intra-party democracy and the rule of law.

“Tsvangirai and his aisers diverted from the core founding values of the party when they started showing traits of violence during constructive debates, and we said we cannot go the violent way,” he said.

Matutu also took a swipe at Tsvangirai aisers describing them as “devils” and people of a “strange religion” who have tainted Tsvangirai and the party’s image due to their greed and insatiable appetite for power.

“Tsvangirai is being served with aice by people with nothing to do with democracy, he has strange people within his rank and file who are only there to achieve power and they have transformed into devils,” Matutu said.

The renewal programme in Masvingo is being spearheaded by the former provincial executive members who were expelled from the main stream MDC after they openly supported calls for leadership renewal in the country’s main opposition party.

Biti and his group are said to be working on forming a grand opposition coalition that could exclude Tsvangirai to challenge President Robert Mugabe and his ruling Zanu PF party at the next elections.

Source : New Zimbabwe