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A fortnight ago, a weekly newspaper announced that MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai had hired “new strategists” to help him “rebrand and chart a new direction” for the party whose support dwindles each passing day.This new team is led by United States-based Maxwell Shumba, an environmental regulatory scientist with a PhD in Chemistry.

It suffices at this point to state that it waits to be seen how Dr Shumba, with his chemistry background, will fare within the structures of the strife-ridden party reeling under the dark shadow of their leader’s tainted image.

Of more interest, however, to the public would be if Tsvangirai and his band within the embattled leadership at Harvest House have the capacity to take aice.

Firstly, we must look at the character and style of Tsvangirai as a leader, based on his past actions.

This inquiry of Tsvangirai’s leadership shows us his violent and combative character which exploded back in 2005 during the infamous great split with Welshman Ncube.

Tsvangirai completely chose to disregard the democratic outcome of the National Council of the MDC which had chosen to participate in the Senate elections, which Tsvangirai was opposed to.

Members of the party who were aligned to the decision to participate in the election were violently expelled from the party with some unlucky ones, like Trudy Stevenson, being left in ruthless attacks.

The next major event to test the character of Morgan Tsvangirai was his stint in Government stretching from the February of 2009 until the fateful July 31 electoral obliteration.

As Prime Minister in the inclusive Government, Tsvangirai showed the world what living large means.

He gobbled US$3 million in buying and renovating a Highlands mansion he drilled one of the deepest boreholes in Zimbabwe at his rural Buhera home, and capped it all with cherry-picking the finest women he saw.

In fact, Tsvangirai behaved like a feudal king, trying to quench his thirst for finery and niceties by grabbing everything and anything his heart wished. Talk of a bull in a china shop.

In all this, Tsvangirai had aisors, some of whom confided with American Ambassador Christopher Dell that the man was “weak and indecisive”, while the ambassador himself pointed out that in addition to his personal weaknesses, Tsvangirai had a poor choice of who to surround himself with.

(And has it not emerged lately that he surrounded himself with his relatives and neighbours from his rural Buhera – the likes of the Madzore brothers, Solomon and Paul and Toendepi Shonhe – who have since dumped him, much to Tsvangirai’s bitterness and sense of betrayal?)

We have also been told through the juicy exposures by WikiLeaks that Tsvangirai listens to the aice of the last person he talks to.

In light of this, the so-called new aisors are very much headed for failure.

In fact, judging by what has been observed about the so-called “kitchen cabinet”, which is presided over by none other than Theresa Makone who once likened Tsvangirai to a “bull” which has a right to every cow in the kraal, Tsvangirai listens to members of this inner cabal more than any other person in the party.

Thus Maxwell Shumba and his team must either cook better dinner or else forget about Tsvangirai ever taking their aice seriously.

In any case, aice is just what one is told.

In politics what counts is what one does at a given time. Real politics is bout actions and not talk.

Therefore, in this vein no matter how well a person as indecisive as Tsvangirai can be aised he will always fail because he will not act on that aice.

Political aice can be likened to a road sign showing a gorge or a hump ahead, the decision to slow down the vehicle and apply caution will not be taken by the road sign but by the driver.

Now, in the case of the MDC-T, the driver seems so inclined to political suicide so much that he is driving very fast towards the cliff and no road sign will stop him. Tsvangirai has set self-destruction as his mode of operation and relentlessly pursues it.

Secondly, a political party cannot rely on hired aisors.

While it is common trend in modern politics to hire consultants to do researches and provide some technical skills that may not be readily available within the membership, aice must be sought from among the organic intellectuals of the party who have a g ideological understanding of the party.

More importantly, MDC-T is not confronted with a challenge of aisors the real challenge of the MDC-T is leadership.

The leadership of the MDC is all rotten from top to bottom. It is comprised of individuals who are politically empty, violent, ideologically bankrupt, divisive and very petty.

It is the MDC-T leadership that must be overhauled before any talk of aice or aisors can be entertained.

Thus one can actually feel pity for the chemistry doctor for jumping into a sinking ship, but in any case Dr Shumba and his team must know that aice is like the proverbial story of taking the donkeys to the river.

In the final analysis, what MDC-T needs is perhaps to hire the entire leadership and go shopping for ideology!

Source : The Herald