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After being humiliated in the July 31, 2013 elections, opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai challenged Zanu-PF with the “tongai tione” threat, which implied that Zanu-PF was going to fail to deliver – and the MDC-T would be watching. MDC-T’s fervent hope has always been that the country suffers economically and socially so that it can parade itself as the messiah.

That is why the party called for Western sanctions against Zimbabwe so that the economy would “scream” and this was also the essence of Eddie Cross’ submission a few years ago that he would prefer the country to “crash and burn” if the MDC-T was not in power.

However, a couple of short months after ostensibly washing hands of the country and daring Zanu-PF to captain the ship, the MDC-T has made an about-turn and now wants to use the back door to come back into the corridors of power.

Through the pronouncements by its embattled leader Tsvangirai, the MDC-T is now trying to seek relevance by pushing for new “talks” to sneak back into Government.

What is interesting about these calls is that they are reflective of a desperate outfit that has realised that it has been condemned to the dustbin of history.

The mantra has now changed from “tongai tione” to “Mugabe should talk to me”.

The question one would then ask is what stature and capacity does Tsvangirai have?

Who is he to call and to challenge the President of the republic like that?

Tsvangirai is just an opposition leader like Kisnot Mukwazhi, Lovemore Madhuku and the rest of them.

He is an ordinary citizen, and an unemployed and unemployable one at that.

What is so special about him that the Head of State and Government should leave his tight schedule of running the country to seek audience with the likes of Tsvangirai?

Tsvangirai obviously overestimates his importance. Why does he think he deserves some talking to? In light of the riveting power struggles that MDC-T is seized with, Tsvangirai should focus on making sure that there is harmony in his backyard.

The national stage is too big for him.

If one cannot even manage the infighting in his party what contribution does he have on the national discourse? Charity begins at home, surely?

The so-called private media have not helped matters either. In fact, they are complicit in Tsvangirai’s ruse.

In recent weeks, we have seen some alarmist headlines in these papers to try and cause panic among the citizens of Zimbabwe and to make them lose confidence in the Government.

This is aimed at preparing the platform for more calls for “talks” and buttresses the position of the MDC-T.

The private media are trying to paint a picture of a generalised fear of economic catastrophe of massive proportions and trying to prepare the environment for the people of Zimbabwe to be hoodwinked into thinking that the solution to Zimbabwe’s economic woes lies in the MDC-T and them being accommodated in the Government.

It is a known fact that the MDC-T thrives on crisis. They ride on the back of challenges and hardships faced by the people.

The party was formed on the back of stayaways and food riots. In 2008 they benefited from the protest vote or the politics of the stomach. They want to create that environment again as they have noticed that they will quickly lose relevance as the economy is taking a turn for the good. The protest vote is no longer there and Tsvangirai has realised this, hence his obsession with “talks”.

President Mugabe and the Government are seized with the implementation of ZIM-ASSET and trying to make sure the election promises come to fruition not to spend time speaking to people who are seeking relevance.

The economy is on the recovery path and as the delegation of the International Monetary Fund which was in the country recently pointed out, the economy will grow by 4 percent though the Ministry of Finance has projected growth of 6 percent. This is what we should focus on.

The “talks” came and went with the demise of the GNU after the July 31 election and Tsvangirai had his opportunity and he spent that time chasing after women.

Now is the time for him to shut up.

The country cannot afford the luxury of having him in some dysfunctional union, just to give him a job and stroke his ego as well as give him a passport for his other hedonistic obsessions of legendary proportions.

The country is moving on.

The coach is moving on and he can bark as much as he likes but that will not derail the story of Zimbabwe of which he is but a little player.

Source : The Herald