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MDC-T spokesperson Mr Obert Gutu, yesterday unwittingly admitted that his party will work with the Mujuru faction, which was implicated in a nefarious plot to assassinate President Mugabe. This feeds well to recent reports that the Mujuru cabal met with MDC-T officials led by Job Sikhala with a view of forming a merger before elections in 2018.

In a debate hosted by Al Jazeera yesterday, Mr Gutu said MDC-T would work with what he termed “progressive elements in Zanu-PF” in what he called a post-Mugabe era.

“Post Mugabe I am going to see a situation where MDC is going to be the majority political party in Government and of course we are going to look for progressive elements in the former Zanu-PF,” he said.

“I am calling it former because as it is Zanu-PF is no more,” Gutu claimed.

VP Mujuru and her hangers on that included Cdes Didymus Mutasa and Nicholas Goche were conspicuous by their absence at the official opening of the 6th Zanu-PF People’s Congress on Thursday.

In an unusual display of sympathy for the beleaguered Vice President, Mr Gutu claimed that Dr Mujuru was being persecuted for expressing divergent views with President Mugabe.

“The post-Mugabe era as I indicated can never be located without the involvement of the MDC and Morgan Tsvangirai. We have been winning elections…

“Joice Mujuru and all other members of Zanu-PF who are perceived to be Joice Mujuru’s sympathisers have been literally sent packing. This is why you find that there is no election that is going to be conducted at the Zanu-PF praise and worship ceremony,” Mr Gutu said.

Mr Gutu’s rambling was cut short by Zanu-PF Central Committee member Cde Bright Matonga who said the Zanu-PF Congress was not about VP Mujuru. He said the Congress was all about the election of Zanu-PF leadership and shaping the country’s future.

“This elective process was not about Joice Mujuru,” said Cde Matonga.

“It was about the election of Zanu-PF leadership… it is Zanu-PF which is in charge.

“It is Zanu-PF which is going to shape the future of this country.”

Contrary to Mr Gutu’s claims that MDC-T would be the majority party in Government post Mugabe era, Cde Matonga said it was a matter of wasting time talking about the MDC in Zimbabwe because the party had splintered into more than four factions.

He said the world had to work with President Mugabe and Zanu-PF as the ruling party.

“By Saturday there will be a new Presidium and a new national chairman and we are going to formulate policies and not waste time talking about Tsvangirai,” he said.

Source : The Herald