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The MDC-T faction led by Mr Morgan Tsvangirai, dumped by its Western sponsors, is now begging supporters to fund its agenda through mobile money transfer network EcoCash.

Without specifying who was funding it before, the party says “its now time to fund our struggle.”

To this end the party has designed stickers bearing the legend “Let’s finish what we started. Make a donation to support action for real change. By sending just US$1 to the EcoCash number above always remember you are taking part in a journey to real change”.

Faction deputy treasurer Mr Tapiwa Mashakada said members should drive their activities.

“Members must resource the party because resources equals to results,” he said. “They are the shareholders of the party, so it’s about service and sacrifice.”

Mr Mashakada said the party used to rely on Government grants, but was facing challenges because they had not received the money since last year.

“I have actually written to Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa (Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs) and Minister Patrick Chinamasa (Finance and Economic Development) aising them that we are still waiting for the 2013 difference and the 2014 allocation,” he said.

“Minister Mnangagwa has since responded saying he would liaise with his colleague Minister Chinamasa. As political parties, we are supposed to share US$5 million from last year and then share US$3 million for this year.”

Zanu-PF spokesperson Cde Rugare Gumbo said sponsors had deserted the MDC-T faction.

“From what we are hearing, Western donors have withdrawn their support for Tsvangirai and are now giving the money to Biti’s camp through their embassies here,” he said.

“They are facing serious challenges and we don’t understand how they intend to raise money through EcoCash. The other challenge they face is that because of squabbles, it is going to create a problem for them to get their allocation from the Political Parties (Finance) Act unless the courts make a determination on which is the legitimate party.”

Spokesperson for the MDC-led by Professor Welshman Ncube party, Mr Nhlanhla Dube, said: “For us it’s a case of ‘welcome to reality’ where politics is driven by local real values and principles, where donor money clashes with local values and principles.

“Hopefully, it’s a turning point for our erstwhile colleagues who never struggled for money for political activity because they were the first born sons of the donor community.”

Mr Mashakada earlier this month wrote to party members in the diaspora, particularly those in the United Kingdom and Ireland, asking them to contribute 50 pounds sterling.

Source : The Herald