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FORMER energy minister Elias Mudzuri has refused to nail his colours to the mast in the bitter ongoing fight for control of MDC-T which threatens to destroy the country’s biggest opposition party.

The MDC-T has effectively splintered, torn by leadership dispute pitting former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai against party secretary general Tendai Biti.

Mudzuri, clearly hedging his bets and waiting to see which way the wind blows, refused Monday to back either Biti or Tsvangirai, accusing both of being petty and immature.

Biti heads a faction that wants Tsvangirai to step down, accusing him of all manner of indiscretions ranging from outright incompetence to corruption and the use of violence against anyone who dares disagree with him.

The former finance minister’s group has since suspended Tsvangirai and his allies from the party with the former trade unionist responding in kind by summarily expelling the so-called renewal team and seeking their ejection from Parliament.

Mudzuri, who was among the first senior party leaders to urge leadership renewal after the MDC-T was hammered by President Robert Mugabe and his Zanu PF party in last year’s elections, is thought to have leadership ambitions of his own.

The Warren Park legislator told the Herald Monday that he was “too mature” to engage in the games Biti and Tsvangirai were playing.

“What is happening in the party is meaningless as it lacks maturity,” he said.

“Both camps lack vision and maturity as they are just politicking. Some of us are too mature to be doing those things. They are busy tearing each other apart instead of allowing people to talk.

“I believe someone who has been in the party for 15 years cannot just be sacked by someone. Democracy demands that we discuss things without fear or favour.”

Both factions have breached the party’s constitution and its founding principles, he added.

“We need to unite and find a common cause without deceiving the nation,” he said.

“We need to capture the national sentiment and come up with a template of what Zimbabweans want. The succession debate must resonate with the public.

“For now, I am in the MDC and I am talking to everyone at the moment. I am not taking sides because what is happening lacks vision. I believe no one is bigger than the party.

“I stand for the foundation of the MDC. I remain on the constructive side yet there are those on the selfish side.”

Probed on how he saw the dispute panning out, Mudzuri said the party’s congress would decide but did not elaborate on which gathering he was referring to since the two factions re likely to hold rival conferences.

“I still believe congress will determine the future of the party but it mustn’t be shaped as a straitjacket for someone. Violence should never be tolerated. We need a certain level of maturity,” he said.

Source : New Zimbabwe