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MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai has accused party official and current Zimbabwean ambassador to Sudan, Hilda Mafudze of betrayal after the diplomat has allegedly jumped ship to join Zanu PF.

Mafudze was among four MDC-T officials who were seconded to diplomatic missions under the erstwhile inclusive government some five years ago.

They are Hebson Makuvise who was deployed in Germany, Jacqueline Zwambila (Australia), Mabhedi Ngulane (Nigeria) and Mafudze.

The smaller MDC faction seconded Trudy Stevenson to Dakar, Senegal.

However, of the group, three have since been recalled following the expiry of the GNU in 2013 while Mafudze and Stevenson have been allowed to keep their diplomatic jobs.

It has emerged Mafudze flies regularly into Harare and has not spared a fleeting moment to call on her principal Tsvangirai, let alone visit the party’s Harvest House headquarters.

The MDC-T HQ is a good 300 metres from Munhumutapa Building where the foreign affairs ministry offices are located.

To the main opposition, this is treachery of the worst order and has elicited g rebuke from the party.

“All genuine MDC ambassadors are back after the conclusion of the inclusive government. Those who are still ambassadors are now Zanu PF,” said Luke Tamborinyoka, Tsvangirai’s spokesperson in an interview with Newzimbabwe.com.

“All diplomats were ambassadors on the basis and throughout the duration of the inclusive government which is not there anymore. Our suspicion is that she is now Zanu PF.”

Tamborinyoka added: “She comes regularly to Harare and does not even spare a moment to call on the deploying authority.

“She has lost communication with the deploying authority. We (MDC-T) don’t have communication with her either she is now Zanu PF.

“We had a lot of MDC officials who were seconded to government positions during the inclusive government, including ministers and none remained.

“But in Mafudze’s case, she continues to serve. Is it because she was more competent than the rest? Technically she is now Zanu PF.”

Mafudze could not be reached for comment but Foreign Affairs permanent secretary Joey Bimha said it was President Mugabe who knew better as to why he continued allow an MDC-T official in his government.

“Ambassadors are appointed by the President and we as foreign affairs take instructions from the President. It’s up to the president to appoint who he wants and those he wants to recall.”

Asked if Mafudze was now Zanu PF as alleged, Bimha responded: “Ask those who said it.

“All l know is that there is an ambassador who was appointed by the President.”

Mafudze is not the first MDC official to desert the party after being elevated to an influential post.

In 2003, then Harare deputy mayor Sekesayi Makwavarara broke rank with the main opposition after she was appointed acting mayor by local government minister Ignatius Chombo effectively surrendering her membership to the opposition.

Source : New Zimbabwe