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Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition chairman Dewa Mavhinga has said the MDC-T has been diminished by petty personality and ego clashes.

Speaking to SW Radio Africa’s Cutting Edge programme Mavhinga said it was high time the MDC factions, including the MDC-N which split from the main party nine years ago, realised that they were relevant only in as far as they carried the hopes of the majority of Zimbabweans. People are disappointed with the movement because of the factional fighting and the opposition leadership had better take that into consideration.

Mavhinga said unless the MDC rises above factional fights, another movement could emerge and claim their space which they have been occupying, which could see the party sliding into oblivion.

He said: ‘Sometimes when people are in politics they may not be in a position to see the bigger picture but it will help them if they put themselves in the position of the rest of the Zimbabweans. They will be able to see that it doesn’t help to place personal interests ahead of the people’s needs and desires.’

He added: ‘This is a crisis moment and as such it is the time when true leadership qualities must be exhibited. Both the MDC and the civil society must reflect on this.’

Mavhinga said this at a time when chances of the MDC-T factions ever reuniting were recently extinguished. Last Friday the MDC-Team Renewal led by Tendai Biti named its executive in a development which analysts said was the clearest sign so far that the faction was ready to become a separate political party.

The MDC-T split into two factions earlier this year after the renewal team attempted to oust party leader Morgan Tsvangirai on the basis that he had overstayed his welcome and was dictatorial in his leadership style. But Tsvangirai loyalists stood by their leader and the party split.

Since then the two factions have remained unyielding, with insults frequently traded between the officials. At times there have been reports of violent clashes over party properties across the country.

Source : SW Radio Africa