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MDC-T Bulawayo East legislator, Tabitha Khumalo was on Thursday arrested and fined for taking off her bra and T-shirt when trying to assist a fellow party activist who was stripped naked by suspected Zanu PF supporters in Njube high density.

Ruling party youths travelling in two twin cab party vehicles (registration numbers ABA 8049 and 8089) reportedly hijacked a Kombi in the high density suburb as it ferried MDC-T supporters to a rally and allegedly stripped naked some of the female passengers.

The ruling party youths, said to have been armed with an assortment of missiles, intercepted the vehicle as it ferried supporters from Magwegwe to Njube hall where there was an MDC-T rally.

“We were travelling to a rally when our Kombi was hijacked at D-Square by youths who were travelling in two vehicles with Zanu PF logos,” said one of the women who were stripped.

“After hijacking the vehicle, we were told to remove our party T-shirts. Most of us were left naked and some of us had to borrow some clothes from passers-by to cover ourselves.”

When the complainants went to report the case at Njube police station, Khumalo followed them after realizing that one of the women had bare breasts.

The legislator took off her bra T-shirt and gave them to the female activist.

She was immediately arrested and made to pay a fine of $5 at Njube police station for committing a nuisance in a public place.

“I am very proud and glad that I was arrested for trying to dignify a woman whose womanhood had been violated by Zanu PF thugs,” she said.

“To make matters worse, the police officer who arrested me, one Inspector Dembera (force No 04545) openly told me that the women deserved that treatment because they should support Zanu PF.”

Throughout the rally, MDC-T youths had a torrid time in trying to repel Zanu PF supporters who had mounted illegal roadblocks leading to the venue.

Source : New Zimbabwe