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Below is a statement by the opposition MDC party of revelations by Zanu PF administration secretary and local government minister on how the ruling party is “rigging” the Hurungwe West by-election.

Recent revelations by one Ignatius Chombo clearly exposed the illegitimate Zanu PF regime’s rigging tactics in Hurungwe West constituency. This is vintage Zanu PF always threatening, manipulating and intimidating traditional leaders, particularly in rural constituencies. It is a shameful, disgusting and Stalinist method of electioneering.

The recent unsolicited confirmation by Chombo at a meeting with traditional leaders in Hurungwe West constituency is grossly disturbing and it confirms, beyond a shadow of doubt, the MDC assertion that since the year 2000, the Zanu PF regime has been routinely rigging elections and that, therefore, it is an illegal and illegitimate administration. It is specifically for this reason that the MDC refers to the present administration as the Zanu PF regime and not the Zanu PF.

The beleaguered and faction-ridden Zanu PF regime has deployed its whole might in Hurungwe West to fight Temba Mliswa and in the process, causing untold physical, emotional and psychological suffering to the hapless villagers and their traditional leaders. With Chombo volunteering information to the effect that the Zanu PF regime will deploy security agents to assist each and every traditional leader to ensure that they do not communicate with Mliswa, what better example of election rigging and manipulation can one get!

This is a clear declaration of war against the people of Hurungwe West by an illegitimate regime and a criminal cabal that has totally lost the confidence and trust of the people it purports to lead and serve. The terror campaign that has been unleashed on the poor villagers of Hurungwe West by Chombo and his gang of desperate thugs vindicates the MDC position not to participate in any elections until the Zanu PF regime demilitarise, depolitise and cleanse public institutions such as the ZEC and the institution of traditional leadership and create conditions that are conducive for the holding of free and fair elections in Zimbabwe.


The shameful and criminal rigging strategy that Chombo unwittingly unveiled in Hurungwe West constituency is a total violation of the people’s right to participate freely in an election and choose a legislator of their choice. What is happening in Hurungwe West is just but the tip of an iceberg regarding what the crumbling Zanu PF regime is prepared to do in order to remain in power at whatever cost. It is most tragic that the regime, desperate to hang onto power, has mutated into a virtual terrorist organisation that is now spreading alarm and despondency amongst the peace – loving people of Hurungwe West constituency.

The continued and unabated abuse of traditional leaders by the Zanu PF regime is not only pathetic and reprehensible but it is also a clear and unmitigated attack on the integrity of the institution of traditional leadership. The MDC calls upon traditional leaders to gly resist any moves by the collapsing and bankrupt Zanu PF regime to malign and bastardise their reputation and integrity. Traditional leaders deserve the respect of all Zimbabweans. Traditional leaders are not politicians and they should refuse to be coerced into becoming political commissars of a disintegrating and corrupt regime that is even failing to timeously pay their allowances and other benefits.




Source : New Zimbabwe