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THE MDC-T party has come out in support of lobby groups opposed to the implementation of pre-paid water meters in the country’s major urban areas.

In a statement Wednesday, the MDC-T accused local government minister Ignatius Chombo of working with executives in local authorities to undercut councilors on the issue.

“The MDC wishes to make it clear that as a pro-poor party, it is totally against the installation of prepaid meters to residents. The party maintains that clean water is a basic right for every-one and should be made available without any conditions that would make it difficult for people to access,” the statement said.

The party’s position remains consistent with what was presented by the secretary general Douglas Mwonzora at a meeting organised by the Combined Harare Residents Association a week ago.

We want to categorically express that the issue of water meters is an initiation of the central government through Chombo, who ostensibly is working in cahoots with council secretariat such as the town clerks of cities”.

Former PM Morgan Tsvangirai’s party accused Chombo of using “unorthodox” moves” to push through the “illegal” plan adding “the party will do everything possible to stop this illegal project meant to disenfranchise residents of a basic right like water”.

“It is unreasonable in the first place for Chombo and the secretariat at the local authorities to embark on such a costly aenture which is set to prejudice the already struggling council coffers of millions of dollars when council is struggling to provide basic services to residents and even more so when council workers have gone for months without salaries.

“We call upon Chombo and his local authorities’ secretariat to commit whatever resource is available to providing residents with basic services, like provision of clean water and collection of refuse,” the opposition party said.

Residents groups in Harare and Bulawayo have been up in arms with the municipalities over proposals to force through pre-paid water metering in the two cities whose councils are dominated by the opposition.

Harare Mayor Bernard Manyenyeni might come into collision with the party after he recently seemed to be in favour of the project.

The statement said the MDC is committed to the “creation and sustenance of a local government system that enjoys the confidence of the people of Zimbabwe through its capacity to deliver quality services democratically”.

Source : New Zimbabwe