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MDC-T “rebels” have rubbished claims by party leader Morgan Tsvangirai they were working with rivals in Zanu PF to dislodge him from the helm of the opposition movement.

In a statement Wednesday, the group’s spokesperson, Jacob Mafume said it was in fact Tsvangirai, the former premier, who was working Zanu PF through his continued stay at the government built $4 million mansion in Highlands, a rich Harare neighbourhood.

“The MDC Team will never work with Zanu PF but it is actually Mr. Tsvangirai who has gone to bed with the murderous and corrupt Zanu PF so that he will not be evicted from the lavish government in Highlands house where he staying for free,” said Mafume.

“It is Mr. Tsvangirai who is benefitting from the Zanu PF land reform after he took a farm in Zhombe.”

Speaking at the burial of party founding member John Dungwa, 82, in Harare’s Mbare high density suburb early this week, Tsvangirai accused bitter rival President Robert Mugabe of sponsoring party dissenters to topple him in his party.

“I heard my colleague (President Mugabe) saying rebels in the MDC should be left to express their opinion,” Tsvangirai said.

“Wazobuda pachenaka kuti ndiwe waivatuma. Mwoyochena wei mombe kuyamwisa mhuru isiri yayo? (Now you have come out clear that you sent them (rebels) to cause disunity. How does a cow feed another’s calf?)” Tsvangirai said.

This follows Mugabe’s statements during last Friday independence day celebrations his rivals must resolve their internal differences without resorting to violence.

Mugabe spoke in the wake of the opposition MDC’s move to expel party’s deputy treasurer general, Elton Mangoma and his allies who have been calling for leadership renewal.

But in response to Tsvangirai’s accusations, the group denied jumping to bed with Zanu PF.

“Mr. Tsvangirai statements vindicate the MDC Team’s position that he is an undemocratic leader who wants to block the MDC structures from freely upholding their constitutional obligations,” Mafume said.

“For the record, the MDC Team is a people’s project that seeks to ensure that the MDC sticks to its democratic principles and values in ensuring that the people of Zimbabwe are able to unseat Zanu PF in the 2018 elections and usher in a new prosperous country.”

“What we are witnessing from Mr. Tsvangirai is a serious “Zanufication” of the party processes as those who hold opposing views from him are being expelled without due processes and this is detrimental to the people of Zimbabwe’s goals of attaining a democratic transition in this great country.”

The MDC national council summarily expelled the former energy minister, national executive member Last Maengahama, youth assembly secretary general Promise Mkwananzi and Mafume, former director in the then Prime Minister Tsvangirai’s office.

Mangoma in February alleged he had been beaten up by Tsvangirai loyalists while emerging from a party meeting.

He lodged a police report, alleging Tsvangirai masterminded the beating, an accusation vehemently denied by the MDC leader.

The case is now before the courts.

Source : New Zimbabwe