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THE opposition MDC-T party has rejected claims of defections by its supporters to Zanu PF.

The opposition party described the state media reports as a “desperate but futile” attempt by the ruling party to give the impression it was still “relevant and popular”.

“No members of the MDC-T have defected to Zanu PF that is part of a tired and stale Zanu PF propaganda.

“There is absolutely no truth behind those allegations,” said MDC-T spokesman Obert Gutu on Monday.

Gutu was reacting to claims by Zanu PF political commissar for Harare Shadreck Mashayamombe that scores MDC-T supporters in Budiriro defected to the ruling party at a rally held over the weekend.

Mashayamombe told State media that the defectors ditched the MDC-T in frustration over “false promises” made by the party leadership.

But Gutu said Zanu PF was in the habit of stage-managing so-called defections to hoodwink Zimbabweans.

“Now and again, the faction ridden and beleaguered political party is in the notorious habit of stage managing defections from the MDC-T,” said Gutu.

“(This is part of) a desperate but futile attempt to hoodwink the people of Zimbabwe into believing that Zanu PF is relevant and popular.

“However the fact of the matter is that Zanu PF is yesterday’s party. It is a discredited mafia organization that is now in terminal decline.”

Source : New Zimbabwe