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CURRENT power fights rocking the MDC-T continued Monday when the warring factions tried to discredit each other by linking rivals to Zanu PF.

The new verbal war was sparked by a Daily News story on Monday where the tabloid claims stumbling on a dossier which links the Elton Mangoma led leadership renewal team to bitter rivals, Zanu PF.

The dossier, according to the Daily News, also contains elaborate details of how the defiant group was clandestinely benefitting from a $10 million investment poured into the so-called renewal project by the enemy to cause the current fissures in the opposition.

“It was proposed by the Zanu PF intelligence system and accepted by the MDC rebels that if Tsvangirai lost the presidential election, it would be easier and justifiable to push him out of the MDC leadership position even before the 2016 congress,” reads part of the document.

But Mangoma and his group came guns blazing Monday, accusing their rivals of concocting the story.

In a statement, Jacob Mafume, who doubles as Mangoma’s lawyer and spokesperson for the anti-Tsvangirai group, said the allegations were fake.

“The MDC Team dismisses as nonsensical and irrational the fake dossier, which was poorly drafted by some senior officials in the party who are on public record as being contemptuous of Tsvangirai’s leadership, thanks to Wikileaks cables that unmasked their hideous agendas,” said Mafume in apparent reference party organising secretary Nelson Chamisa and Obert Gutu, spokesperson for Harare province.

“These people have become ardent bootlickers who are shamelessly throwing democratic principles out of the window in order to pursue their own leadership ambitions that they are nakedly exhibiting.

“Only a fool would believe that people like Mangoma and Tendai Biti whose opposition to Zanu PF is well documented, would receive even a cent from Mugabe’s party.”

Instead, said the former student activist, Tsvangirai was a clearer case of a person who was cosy with the enemy, as he was now ensconced in a Highlands house he got from President Robert Mugabe while still Premier coupled with his links with Zanu people women.

Although a split has not been declared in the opposition party, events in the past few days have revealed the two MDC-T factions had breached their trust towards each other and were highly unlikely to come back together.

Source : New Zimbabwe