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MDC-T senator for Manicaland Patrick Chitaka has defected to the rival MDC Renewal Team, describing Morgan Tsvangirai as a dictator.

The former MDC-T Manicaland provincial chair was unveiled at a party press briefing by the Renewal team interim leader Sekai Holland on Wednesday afternoon.

Chitaka said he could not stay longer in the MDC-T after realising his efforts to try and effect positive change within the beleaguered opposition party were in vain.

“I must admit l was wrong (staying). What l have seen over the past couple of months was a party that was getting entrenched more and more into dictatorship,” Chitaka told journalists.

He said the MDC-T had turned corrupt, adding that Tsvangirai was dolling out top party positions to his blue-eyed boys.

Chitaka, who resigned from the Zanu PF central committee in 1999, said it shall remain a pipe dream to influence change within the MDC-T.

“l can tell you now that l failed and l think all the comrades who still think they can effect change from within are fooling themselves,” he said.

“The party has become an entrenched dictatorship. It’s a cabal a clique, so unless you are in that inner circle, that clique, you have no hope in hell to make that meaningful contribution.”

Chitaka said he was once beaten up in Chipinge by “hired thugs who were protecting the party president’s interests.”

He said those behind his attack were promoted instead of being punished.

The MDC-T lawmaker withdrew his candidature for a Manicaland provincial post claiming rigging by pro-Tsvangirai officials had become too apparent.

Chitaka said he could not continue to criticise President Mugabe’s imposing of party leaders when the same was happening in MDC-T.

MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu said he was not aware of Chitaka’s departure.

“I actually am not aware of that. This is the first time l am hearing it. So to delve straight into a comment without familiarising with the details would be irresponsible on my part,” Gutu said.

The departure of a top party official is a blow to the MDC-T, which was ditched by dozens of party stalwarts April this year. The Renewal Team has since joined forces with another party faction led by former secretary general Welshman Ncube.

Source : New Zimbabwe