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MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai has vowed to deal with the ongoing power struggles that are dogging the opposition party assuring hundreds of workers that converged at Gwanzura Stadium that the squabbles are short lived.

Tsvangirai, who received a hero’s welcome interrupting the proceedings at the stadium, said his party wanted to focus on the “national crisis” that has dogged the country since the controversial July 2013 election in which Zanu PF won a land slide victory.

“Zvirikuitika muMDC (What is taking place in the MDC) don’t worry these are past turbulences Zvichapera (they will end),” Tsvangirai said to the applause of the workers.

The MDC-T is currently dogged by leadership renewal problems which have led to the split of the party into two groups.

The party’s current woes were triggered by deputy treasurer-general, Mangoma’s letter to Tsvangirai gly urging him to step down and pave way for a new leader to take charge of the opposition party.

Mangoma and his group accused Tsvangirai of leadership failure and misappropriation of party funds, allegations Tsvangirai denies.

The former energy minister was suspended and then expelled from the party for his cheek. But his group, led by secretary general and former finance minister Tendai Biti, reacted by suspending Tsvangirai and his sympathisers among the top leadership.

And in tit-for-tat action, the Tsvangirai faction responded in kind by announcing the expulsion of the leadership renewal group.

Tsvangirai said his party, instead of fighting, needed to focus on the current national crisis.

“We want to focus on the national crisis and the national crisis was not caused by MDC the national crisis was caused by Zanu PF and for us that is the biggest focus that we need to attend to,” Tsvangirai said.

Tsvangirai said Zimbabwe cannot be privatised, insisting that “this country is not Zanu PF private limited. This country has to restore the dignity of Zimbabweans as soonest.”

The former trade unionist said Zanu PF has failed to create jobs.

“After the stolen election he was saying he will create two million jobs in fact we have lost two million jobs.”

Tsvangirai added: “The whole potential workforce of graduates and workers from the student movement is facing a bleak future.”

“The first thing even if you look at Zanu PF the party that has a majority in the government today the issue of succession is a hot potato.

Delivering his speech the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) president George Nkiwane said opposition parties need to be organised and also have a clear succession policy.

“If we have a weak opposition in the country things do not move swiftly. What is taking place at the MDC we have never witnessed or head juniors saying they have booted out their leader? I was shocked to hear a junior saying he has chased his senior,” he said.

“It makes us thing we have a bleak future if we do not have an opposition. It is our hope that if our political parties are organised it means even a future government will be organized.”

The May day was commemorated under the theme Workers Intensify the Struggle! No to labour market Flexibility.

Source : New Zimbabwe