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THREE MDC-T activists who were arrested last week for allegedly throwing petrol bombs at a Zanu PF official’s house in Budiriro on April 25 were on Tuesday arraigned before Harare courts being charged with malicious damage to property.

Tendai Muchekahanzu, 38, Stephen Dalaina, 26 and Victor Munhuwani are however denying the allegations of bombing a house belonging to Goodwill Gomwe who is Zanu PF’s youth league chairperson.

The state opposed the granting of bail, saying that the three were a flight risk and likely to disturb investigations which have just begun.

“Muchekahanzu has been on the run since 2011 in connection with the murder of a police officer in Glenview. Some witnesses stay in the locality with the accused persons and a chance of interference is very high.

In addition, some of the accused are still at large so if given bail, they might team up and commit other offences or make it difficult to arrest,” the court heard.

According to the state, on April 25 around 2 am, the three together with the other two yet to be caught, went to Gomwes house in Budiriro.

They gained entry into the yard through an unlocked gate. Once inside, it is alleged, they threw two petrol bombs aimed at the sitting room but the bombs failed to ignite.

Upon noticing this they started throwing stones at the house damaging four windows in the process and also deforming the garage door.

It is the state’s case that they committed the offence without noticing they were under a watchful eye of the neighbour.

However, the three through their lawyer, Gift Mthisi, said they were not present when the incident occurred.

“There is every reason to grant my clients bail because they did not commit the alleged crime. They surrendered themselves to the police once they heard they were being looked for. The first accused was in Norton while the second and third accused were in Masvingo when the house was bombed.

“The police and the state did not give that evidence because they knew it would exonerate the three. Also the police deliberately denied conducting identification parade because they knew their witnesses would have failed to identify them.

The state’s facts are lame and baseless and the investigation officer is just being malicious,” he said.

It also raises one’s eyebrows why the police would want to pursue damage to property case instead of the murder case in which a police officer lost his life,” Mthisi added.

Trial continues on Wednesday.

Source : New Zimbabwe