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THE opposition MDC-T party has called on SADC and the AU to break diplomacy and demand leadership from President Robert Mugabe who continues to preside over his country’s political and economic slide.

Mugabe currently chairs both the AU and SADC.

In a statement Tuesday, party spokesperson Obert Gutu, warned that failure by the two organisations to exercise their collective influence over one of the continent’s founding statesmen could spells doom for regional stability.

“The MDC calls upon both SADC and the AU to put their focus on Zimbabwe once again,” Gutu said.

“It would be folly for these two organisations to proceed as if there is no crippling crisis in Zimbabwe.

“Robert Mugabe and his rogue Zanu PF regime should be confronted and told, in no uncertain terms, that the deteriorating political and economic situation in Zimbabwe is now a serious threat to both regional and continental security and stability.”

The former deputy justice minister painted a grim picture of the country’s economic situation which has seen government beg for a $300 million bail out to avert looming starvation among nearly half of an estimated 14 million population.

He further chastised the Zanu PF government for failing to protect civil liberties as was witnessed recently by the abduction by suspected state agents of journalist turned political activist Itai Dzamara whose whereabouts remain a mystery three months on.

Gutu was adamant the government, under President Mugabe, had run out ideas to halt the economic slide and was unnecessarily expending its energies on internal power fights within Zanu PF.

He continued: “The situation should not be allowed to deteriorate any further.

“In this respect, therefore, there is a crying need for SADC to call for an urgent summit to discuss the deteriorating political and economic situation in Zimbabwe.”

Zimbabwe has, since the brutal assault by the state of MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai and other opposition leaders in 2007, been on the SADC radar.

A disputed presidential run-off poll June 2008, which saw the killing of an alleged 300 opposition supporters in a three month orgy of state sponsored-violence, drew rare condemnation from the continent.

This led to the formation of a coalition government in Zimbabwe which was under constant curatorship from SADC and the AU.

But after the 2013 elections which restored a Zanu PF government, international focus has shifted away from the country, leaving Zimbabweans to their troubles.

The MDC demands could almost be a shout in the wilderness as President Mugabe, who is current SADC and AU chair, still holds sway in the decision making processes of the two blocs.

Source : New Zimbabwe