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THE opposition MDC-T party has moved to force the ouster of Bikita West MP, Munyaradzi Kereke on allegations that he was a “stranger” in the house, having crossed the floor to re-join Zanu PF.

Kereke was barred from contesting the 2013 elections on a Zanu PF ticket and, after winning the vote, had to rush to the constitutional court saying he was elected as an independent candidate as the party moved to have him kicked out of Parliament.

It was however recently confirmed that he had re-joined the ruling party.

On Wednesday, Innocent Gonese, the MDC-T chief whip said Kereke should be chucked out of Parliament because he was no longer an MP.

“I raise, Mr Speaker, on a point order that it is very clear with regards to the Constitution of Zimbabwe Chapter 129 that the tenure for the seat of a member of parliament shall become vacant in the circumstances outlined therefore.

“But I am more concerned on Section L which deals with circumstances regarding a member who is now a stranger in this house.

“Section L of chapter 129 states, very clearly that, when a member is not a member of a political party when heshe was elected to Parliament and later becomes a member of a political part, then the seat automatically becomes vacant,” Gonese said.

He added: “It is on public record Mr Speaker that the honourable Dr Munyaradzi Kereke went to constitutional court and among other things inter alia, it was submitted that at the time when he was elected, he had ceased being a member of Zanu PF.

“It was on that basis that the constitutional court upheld his application. The seat was declared not being vacant.”

After a heated debated in the house, speaker of the national assembly Jacob Mudenda said he would rule on the matter after taking all views and legal implications in the matter as the MDC-T refused to allow the acting leader of government business in Parliament Patrick Chinamasa to respond them.

In October 2013, Zanu PF barred Kereke from standing on the party’s ticket but the move was done late as the country’s electoral body had already accepted his nomination papers to be the party’s candidate along with Elias Musakwa.

The former senior central banker staffer managed to beat the party’s preferred candidate with 7,270 votes to Musakwa’s 6,052.

After celebrating his victory in the July 31, 2013 elections, Zanu PF moved to expel him and demanded a by-election.

Kereke immediately rushed to the Constitutional Court stating that he was not a Zanu PF member adding he had not won the seat on the party’s ticket.

The constitutional court forced the party and Kereke for an out of court settlement and as a result, the move to have him kicked out of parliament was nullified leaving the MP back in the house.

In the court papers filed during his fight to remain MP, Kereke said: “The party did not give me any sponsorship.

“I financed my own campaign whilst the party sponsored one Elias Musakwa, who got a new motor vehicle, regalia and other campaign material.

“I did not get similar support from the party given that I had been expelled. The moment the party aised me to stop using party regalia I complied and discontinued the use thereof.”

Source : New Zimbabwe