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pgtThe MDC heartily welcomes the announcement by the convener of the National Convergence Platform (NCP), Bishop Sebastian Bakare, that a broad – based national indaba will soon be held in order to discuss and hopefully, find solutions to the myriad of challenges that confront Zimbabwe today.

We are pleased to note that the proposed indaba will be open to all concerned citizens from political parties, churches, civic society, business organisations, women’s groups, students, the unemployed as well as labour.

As the MDC, we have always aocated for an inclusive and holistic approach to tackling the various challenges that are facing our nation. Indeed, it has always been our approach that no single Zimbabwean or single organisation has a monopoly of wisdom that would be able to provide lasting solutions to the national crises in Zimbabwe.

Bishop Bakare should be applauded for boldly calling upon all concerned citizens of Zimbabwe to put their heads together in an endeavour to rescue our beloved country from the socio – economic and political hell-hole it finds itself in, thanks to decades of Zanu PF corruption, misrule and misgovernance.

We enthusiastically welcome and accept the invitation to participate in this ground – breaking national indaba. In similar measure, we also expect all well – meaning and patriotic Zimbabweans to take an active interest in the deliberations of the proposed national indaba.

Zimbabweans are a resolute and heroic people and as the MDC led by Morgan Tsvangirai, we have absolutely no doubt in our minds that the national indaba will be a resounding success.


Obert Chaurura Gutu

MDC National Spokesperson.

Source : Movement for Democratic Change