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The Movement for Democratic Change Women’s Assembly joins the rest of the world to commemorate the international women’s day on the 8th of March. In the month of March, we celebrate women’s achievements and their bravery in this harsh socio-economic environment.

We celebrate those who against all odds provide for their families under harsh conditions but still hold their heads high. We salute the women, world-over, who take time to juggle between childbearing, establishing their professions, providing for their families and engaging in the women’s struggle so as to ensure better lives and living conditions for women in the world.

This year, we celebrate the International Women’s day under the theme “Make it Happen, moving from Traction to Action”. The MDC believes firmly in the participation of women and the championing of gender parity. As a social democratic party, we aocate for, and work towards ensuring that women can actively participate in issues of governance both at a local and national level so as to ensure that challenges that women face in communities can be adequately addressed.

A lot of effort still needs to be put in Zimbabwe to address challenges being faced by women. Challenges relating to sexual and reproductive health, maternal health care, cancer, domestic violence, poverty are a few of the many challenges that still bog women not only in Zimbabwe but in the world over. As we reflect on the little progress made in Zimbabwe, the MDC is alive to the fact that more effort needs to be put towards addressing the plight of women.

Realizing that 2010-2020 is the decade of women empowerment, it is critical that we move from Traction to Action. There is need to put in place solid strategies towards the empowerment of women through uplifting the girl-child. Women should be given opportunities to participate in social, economic and political processes that shape their lives and put them on the map as having taken up their challenges head on.

The Assembly of Women aligns itself and strives to work towards achieving the African Union’s Agenda 2063 which resonates with investment and empowerment of women towards creating gender parity. The MDC’s resolution at the 4th National Congress in Harare in 2014 made it clear that the party wants to ensure 50% representation of women in the decision making positions of the party and all political and national decision making positions. This not only shows the need and understanding of the party on why women should participate, but shows the diligence and commitment of the MDC to ensure that women take up decision making positions and articulate and address developmental issues that affect them in a more comprehensive manner.

Women’s empowerment is inevitably intertwined with their economic standing. As set out by the Beijing +20 Africa conference, it is pertinent to build and nurture women’s skills in entrepreneurship by providing necessary education and training coupled with effective participation in viable economic activities. Economic empowerment of women cannot be realized if issues of women’s socio, economic and political rights are not addressed. Hence it is paramount that as we celebrate women’s day we observe, reflect and implement solid interventions that ensure that women are emancipated from their struggles.

MDC: Equal Opportunities For All

Phyllis Ndlovu

Women’s Assembly Spokesperson

Source : Movement for Democratic Change