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It is with heavy hearts and great sadness that the leadership of the MDC Youth Assembly took time today to visit Itai Dzamara’s homestead.

Our mission was to commiserate and stand in solidarity with the family of the young activist who was abducted in broad daylight and whose whereabouts remain unknown, two and half months after he was abducted.

We stand in solidarity with Dzamara, a youthful activist and journalist who has stood tall against the tyranny and brutality of Robert Mugabe and his government.

We gather here today exactly 71days after Itai Dzamara was abducted by suspected security agents. We note with concern that the admistration of Robert Mugabe has not done anything to ascertain the whereabouts of Itai Dzamara, despite a High Court order to that effect.

Levels of unemployment remain very high, students cannot afford the exorbitant fees they are being charged in universities and colleges, and the government has no clue on how they can rescue Zimbabweans from this economic mess.

It is worrying that a country which is supposedly led by the AU and SADC chair can have people disappear just like that and nothing happens. What type of leadership is Robert Mugabe providing to all the African countries he is purportedly leading?

Will he have the moral ground to rein in other countries where there are gross human rights violations when he cannot guarantee the security of people in his own country? We expect better from you, Robert Mugabe!

We call upon the government of Robert Mugabe to spare the Dzamara family the agony they are going through right now by returning Itai Dzamara to his young family. He deserves to look after his family.

We take great exception to the utterances by one Jonathan Moyo which insinuated that Dzamara could be one of those people who have fled the country for better fortunes. We call upon him to show some level of conscience and care. We wonder if he would he have uttered such words had his own son disappeared like that. We condemn such reckless and immoral political statements which will do nothing other than add salt to the injuries of the Dzamara family and all of Itai’s friends.

It is worrying that with all the security systems and apparatus that this government has, they have failed to give satisfactory answers to the whereabouts of Dzamara. We call upon the security system of this country to do their work diligently and bring back Dzamara in sound and safe health.

Zimbabwe is our home and we deserve to be treated as equal citizens in this country. We wish to condemn the violence that has rocked some parts of Harare in the past few weeks as well as the violence that is being meted out on the people of Hurungwe West. This serves to confirm the fact that ZANU PF has always thrived on violence and will do anything and everything to suppress the views of the majority who seek change.

We are highly motivated and inspired by what Itai Dzamara stands for and we shall continue to press for electoral reforms and a return to democracy in this country which shall be ushered in by the holding of free and fair elections which we have no doubt will usher in a responsible and people driven leadership led by Dr Morgan Richard Tsvangirai.

Lovemore Chinoputsa

Secretary General – MDC Youth Assembly

Source : Movement for Democratic Change