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THE opposition MDC parties have condemned remarks by President Robert Mugabe’s deputies suggesting that only areas which vote for the ruling Zanu PF party would benefit from government sponsored projects.

Vice Presidents Phelekezela Mphoko and Emmerson Mnangagwa made the comments in Tsholotsho at the weekend while addressing a rally for Zanu PF candidate Jonathan Moyo who is also information minister.

The MDC-T party led by Morgan Tsvangirai said the comments explain the marginalisation of Matebeleland North and Matebeleland South which have largely not voted for Zanu PF over the past 35 years.

“The MDC is appalled and extremely disturbed by the remarks that were made by both Emmerson Mnangagwa and Phelekezela Mphoko,” said MDC-T spokesman Obert Gutu in a statement.

“It is on record that the Zanu PF regime has deliberately made sure that the western provinces of Zimbabwe such as both Matebeleland North and Matebeleland South remain under – developed as punishment for the persistent rejection of Zanu PF by the people of this region.

“What both Mnangagwa and Mphoko uttered at the weekend was simply confirmation of what the people of Matebeleland have always known.

“The Zanu PF regime is a cruel and insensitive administration that is prepared to make people suffer for the simple reason that they have refused to vote for a crumbling and corrupt political formation.”

For its part, the MDC led by Welshman Ncube said the comments by the two vice presidents showed that Zanu PF needed schooling “on the basic tenets of governance”.

“These statements are unfortunate to say the least,” the party’s spokesperson Joshua Mhambi said in a statement Monday.

“They reflect a serious lack of understanding of governance and contempt for the people of Zimbabwe and the constitution on the part of the two gentlemen which leaves us to wonder whether Zimbabweans are safe in the hands of Zanu PF at this rate.

“It does not come as surprise that after thirty-five years of misrule Zanu PF still has to be lectured on the basic tenets of governance. This accounts for the current mess that the country finds itself in.”

Mhambi said politicization of development projects is not only tantamount to alienating Zimbabweans but also incites violence.

“It is the duty of the state and all institutions and agencies of government at every level to endeavour to facilitate development and no artificial barriers or conditionalities should be set for this process.

“The state owes every citizen development irrespective of their political affiliation.”

Mhambi urged voters to reject Zanu PF in by-elections scheduled for Wednesday.

“Zanu PF has an interesting campaign strategy of insulting people then expect their vote,” he said.

“We have said it before and we will say it again that in the next election, the people of Zimbabwe should not vote for such a myopic party, which cannot countenance competition for political office and wants to treat the country as its private property.”

The ruling party should not be allowed to continue insulting voters and then claiming the same people voted for it.

“The statements made by the two Vice Presidents are an insult to the people’s intelligence more-so because these statements were made in Tsholotsho, the heart of Kalanga people who, not so long ago, were insulted by President Mugabe as being uneducated criminals.”

Gutu said it was time organisations such as the African Union and SADC saw Zanu PF for what it really is.

“The MDC-T also calls upon member countries of SADC as well as the AU to appreciate the Zanu PF regime for what it really is i.e. a renegade, corrupt and illegitimate administration that thrives on the physical, emotional and psychological torture of peace – loving citizens of Zimbabwe,” he said.

“For how shall the downtrodden people of Zimbabwe continue to suffer at the hands of this criminal and corrupt Zanu PF cabal?

“The MDC-T is vindicated in its call that no elections should be held in Zimbabwe without the carrying out of political, media and legislative reforms that will enable voters to freely and fairly choose a government of their choice.”

Source : New Zimbabwe