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With each passing day and each newspaper headline, it is increasingly becoming clear that the opposition MDC in all its manifestations is nothing more than a rebel without a cause.

Together with some questionable civic organisations, the MDCs have been jumping from one branch to another like a monkey in labour, politicising any and every issue they can lay their hands on.

The dispute that was at Maleme Ranch has, to continue with the monkey theme, left their bottoms bare.

Without going into the dispute in detail, villagers in Matobo protested the allocation of Maleme Ranch to another farmer as the ranch is the major source of livelihood for them.

As a result, they petitioned Government, held vigils at the farm and the situation almost degenerated into violent confrontations between workers of the new owner and the aggrieved villagers.

Like any sober Government would do in a similar situation, our own Government took heed of the villagers’ concerns and ultimately decided to reverse the land allocation, a decision which was delivered to the jubilant villagers by Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko on behalf of President Robert Mugabe.

This considerate response and decision by Government to respect the wishes of the villagers that had been so heartily expressed caught the opposition and other hostile elements flat-footed as they had been hoping that the situation would deteriorate into violence.

Indeed, they had hijacked the cause of the villagers and were daily inciting people to revolt so as to propel their ill-fated agenda of mass protests.

When the decision to reverse the acquisition of Maleme Ranch was announced, the genuine concerned party, the Matobo villagers, warmly expressed gratitude to Government for addressing their plight. Chief Masuku told jubilant villagers that “We have a father figure, the Vice President, who has freed our hearts. Siyamujabulela. That’s good leadership he is a father who hears the cries of his children.”

In contrast, the MDCs came out guns blazing, blubbering incoherently about “people power” and claiming this was some sort of victory over Government.

They even went further to call for, not surprisingly, mass protests. This is clear evidence, if any was ever needed, that MDC-T in particular is now engaging in some bus-rank politics. They say desperate times call for desperate measures and nothing is more desperate than empty coffers.

In some traditions, if a mourner at a funeral cries and laments louder than the relatives and family of the deceased, people start pointing fingers at that person and even suspect that heshe had a hand in the death. The same applies to this instance where the MDCs and their groupies were crying louder than the bereaved Matobo villagers.

That they are still crying, ranting and raving, even when the matter has been resolved smacks of frustration borne of foiled plans to incite innocent citizens to revolt against a legitimate Government.

Relatedly, the decision to also reverse the takeover of Barquest farm near Masvingo by Tourism minister Walter Mzembi is a clear demonstration that the current crop of leaders in office are determined to rectify the excesses and corruption-inspired mistakes of rotten elements that have since been relieved of their duties. This effort should be applauded instead of being twisted into senseless propaganda of how the Government has been defeated.

Government could have decided to deal with more pressing issues and turned a blind eye to the concerns of the villagers and workers at the two farms, but like a caring father, it listened and addressed concerns of its children. To find fault with that is an indication of mental instability.

Zimbabweans should separate poll-tricks from genuine concerns. The land reform programme is here to stay and anomalies will be rectified if and when the need arises.

The reversal of the Maleme Ranch and Barquest farm takeovers should not be taken as a victory for anyone over any conjured up evil, but just part of a concerned Government’s duties.

The opposition parties and civic organisations should go back to the drawing board and take up real causes instead of hijacking genuine concerns and turning them into cheap political gimmicks. They would also be well aised to bear in mind that the land reform exercise is irreversible and never in any circumstances should people take the law into their own hands.

Source : The Herald