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THE opposition MDC formations said Tuesday that contesting in any future elections without reforms was tantamount to “legitimizing and celebrating Zanu PF’s election rigging behaviour”.

The MDCs, one lead by Morgan Tsvangirai and its splinter unit headed by Sekai Holland said, going forward, they had resoled not the participate in any elections without reforms.

Spokespersons for the two parties Obert Gutu and Jacob Mafume told reporters in Harare that the President Robert Mugabe’s regime should re-align electoral laws with the new constitution if they are to enter any election contest.

The two officials were explaining their parties’ decision not to contest the Mt Darwin West and Chirumanzu-Zibagwe constituencies’ by-elections due on the 27th of next month.

“It can become a serious merry- go-round to participate in a meaningless election,” said Jacob Mafume.

“These elections become a red-hearing or a side-show by Zanu PF to keep us occupied by senseless defeats and senseless victories.

“Look, Zanu PF is very confident of its rigging machinery that it can even fire its own people and call for elections and still beat you so there is no point in wasting time by giving this exercise legitimacy.”

MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu said they had learnt from previous elections that going for polls without reforms was not only dangerous, but also embarrassing.

“Whatever elections which are going to be held in this country in which the MDC participates are going to be elections which are free and fair,” he said.

“Why should we legitimate a fraud? Why should we participate in an election whose results are pre-determined?

“We are not boycotting the elections but issuing a statement to Zimbabweans that we are not going to keep on giving Zanu its cake in order for them to eat it.”

Mafume and Gutu said they wanted the Zimbabwe Electoral commission (ZEC) to provide them with the voters’ roll.

The electoral body also needed to ensure all political parties were given equal coverage by the state-owned Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC).

However, the newly formed National Constitutional Assembly party said they were not going to join the two MDC formations in boycotting the elections because “we do not want to inherit their concerns with Zanu PF”.

“We do not want to inherit other political parties’ concerns and if there is any rigging that is going to happen we are going to find out from the by-elections which we are contesting,” said Madock Chivasa, the party’s spokesperson.

Source : New Zimbabwe