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A big hello to all the teens of Zimbabwe, I hope I find you well.

My name is Michelle and I am the junior Member of Parliament for Mudzi North. I met Cool Lifestyle at the Shona Bira at Kotwa High School.

I am from Dendera High School but I represent all the young people in the constituency. I have just started my term and I hope that by the end of it, I will have managed to make some changes happen.

There are many things that need improving in Mudzi. There are many orphans who are struggling to get school fees and other basics like uniforms, books and even food.

There is need to ensure that all children get a chance to gain a good education.

The biggest challenge that we face as school children in this area is the lack of sufficient classrooms so some schools have hot sitting and others have to learn in makeshift structures.

My target is to get at least three classroom blocks built at the most affected schools.

To achieve this I will try to work closely with the senior MP for our area, Honourable Ray Kaukonde.

I also need the support of all the school children in the area as well as the parents and the teachers.

I do not expect it to be easy as I know that there are others who have tried. But I promise to do my best.

I would also like to use my time to inspire other girls to rise up to the challenges that come up.

We must not be shy, but must step forward. I want to tell other girls that they should believe in themselves so no one can ever take away their confidence.

I am a girl from the rural areas and I managed to become a Member of Parliament for my constituency so that proves that girls who wish can go wherever they want to go.

Source : The Herald