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IN countries like the United States, there are people who have made a fortune by being the faces and figures that appear in videos by musicians and help in improving their appeal.

This is how the term “video vixen” came about, and this refers to a female model or any beautiful woman who appears in the video, showing her good looks.

The same is also true for male models, actors, hunks, or heartthrobs who are well sought-after for their looks and body to make the video appealing.

Zimbabwean hip hop artist, actor and heartthrob, Foster Tendai Ndaona, who made his professional television acting debut with his role in the soap “Legacies”, has turned into a professional video actor and has featured in many by various artistes who include Cindy Munyavi, Lipsy, and Pauline Gundidza.

Foster said apart from being musician himself, he has come to realise that featuring in videos by other musicians could be a lucrative job, for as long as one had the looks, the acting talent as well as a good appreciation of the art.

“Growing up I so wanted to be a model, be it fashion modelling or just appearing on television. This (video acting) can be something well-paying if you take it serious.

“In the United States, video vixens are well-paid and they are earning a living from it.

“So if these guys are surviving, then why can’t we do it here,” he said.

Foster said he hoped to see this art form being recognised at awards events and ceremonies like the National Arts Merit Awards (Nama) as a way of recognising video actors, both male and female.

“A category should be created to award video vixens because this is one art form that deserves to be recognised and honoured,” he said.

Asked, if it does not affect his relationship with girlfriend, Foster said it is just a job.

“There is nothing personal or what. It is acting and a job hence I stick to the ground rules.

“Currently I don’t have a girlfriend and surprisingly after appearing on the video have received a lot of inbox in my Facebook of which I am not going to respond. This is art and people should understand it,” he said.

As a rapper, the multi-talented artiste has also released mix-tapes with fellow musician and close friend Ishy X.

“I am currently working on my debut collaborative album to be released later this year, and the album carries videos already playing on ZTV and Youtube.

“My music is mainly from the streets the outside world. It is about what happens in our communities on a day to day basis.

“Events that take place, emotions that we go through etcetera.

“There are different feelings we go through some of them which we cannot share with other people. I let my music speak through that taboo language,” he said.

Speaking about his collaboration with Ishy X, Foster revealed that they have dome more than 50 collaborations together, a feat which a few Zimbabwean artistes have achieved.

“Our music journey with Ishy X began in 2011 when we hooked up at a studio and we ended up clicking and started working together.

“And also apart from music, I am passionate about film apart from my appearance in ‘Legacies’, I am also currently on set filming ‘Wenera’, a television soap we are expecting to be complete and starting showing end of year,” he explained.

Source : The Herald