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Zimbabwe Stock Exchange Listed retail group, Meikles Limited has been shortlisted as a World Economic Forum Global Growth Companies 2015 candidate.

Each year, the World Economic Forum recognises new Global Growth Companies through a rigorous selection process. Successful candidates will be recognised and awarded their Global Growth Company status at the regional summit to be held on June 3-5 this year in Cape Town South Africa.

The forum will be held with the full support and presence of the President of the Republic of South Africa Jacob Zuma and his Government.

The Forum will run under the theme “Then and Now: Re-imagining Africa’s Future” and the meeting will convene the region’s top leaders to take stoke of progress over the past 25 years.

The world leaders will also discuss the critical challenges facing the continent in the new global context.

“Meikles has been shortlisted as a World Economic Forum Global Growth Companies 2015 candidate. As a regional finalist, we are pleased to invite Mr John Moxon (the chairman). This is a platform for leaders to refine a road map for Africa’s growth and development,” read part of the invitation.

In 2015, the World Economic Forum on Africa will mark 25 years of change in Africa. Over the past decade and a half, Africa has demonstrated a remarkable economic turnaround, growing two to three percentage points faster than global GDP.

According to the Forum, double-digit economic growth is required for sustainable development, and the onus is on leaders to address systemic structural changes that can boost investment, enhance competitiveness, strengthen risk resilience and harness opportunities arising from technology adoption in all sectors.

This growth is also necessary to diminish vulnerability to commodity price fluctuations, capital market volatility, mounting public debt, climate change and persistent development challenges.

Source : The Herald