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Gospel jazz sensational artiste Melusi Khumalo says he will perform in public after releasing his five-track second album titled “Reflections”. Khumalo, who did “Uthando” as his first album, is probably the latest finding in the genre and had his music produced by David Fangas.

The album, which is set to be launched before mid-year carries songs like “Impilo Yami” and “Jesu Varipo”, which he says will be the hit song, “Noma Kanjani”, “Mambo Jesu” and “Ngitwele”, a song dedicated to the cancer pandemic.

Speaking to The Herald Entertainment, Khumalo said he was inspired by reflecting on his personal life.

“I have actually done this CD because of what I have personally gone through in life. Everyone has life lessons and I have taken this journey to reflect on my past experiences and how far my music has taken me so far,” he said.

He said by virtue of his name, he feels duty bound to preach the gospel.

“My name Melusi means a shepherd and because of that I have also reflected on how Christ in me has impacted on my journey as a Christian. I have put down the story through ‘Impilo Yami’ and I hope many will be lead to Christ by listening to that great song,” he said.

The “Kwazekwakuhle” hitmaker said he used to perform his music only at church and now he is aiming for the public arena. “I sure most people have not heard of my music but surprisingly enough I have been in the industry for quite a while now. My first album did well whilst I only performed at church and private gatherings. I think it is high time now to take my music to the lime- light just for a change and to see where that will take me,” he said.

Mel Khumalo cited lack of equipment as his major setback.

“Music is something I have been passionate about for all my life now but some things are better said than done. I think what has been straining my career is how to put things across and the lack of necessary equipment for a good job,” he said.

The artiste has been doing well so far with “Kwazekwakuhle” making it on Radio Zimbabwe’s Top 20 and Top 50 when it was released.

Source : The Herald