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A 32-YEAR-OLD Gweru woman who suffers from mental illness was recently arraigned before the courts for stabbing her husband to death after accusing him of being possessed by evil spirits.

Violet Machaya of Mkoba 9 in Gweru allegedly stabbed her husband Erasmus Pedzisai with a kitchen knife leading to his instant death.

Gweru magistrate, Judith Taruvinga, heard that on August 21, 2013 at 3AM Violet was engaged in a prayer session for her sick younger sister, Janet with the assistance of Pedzisai.

During the prayer Violet claimed that Pedzisai had been seized by the evil spirit they were exorcising from Janet.

She further accused a neighbour – whose name was not given in court – of bewitching Janet.

Violet went outside to the said neighbour shouting obscenities before breaking the windows of her house.

Pedzisai restrained Violet and locked her in the kitchen where the couple stayed.

After a while Pedzisai opened the kitchen door persuading his wife to be calm but she grabbed a kitchen knife and used it to stab him once on the neck and above the right eye.

Pedzisai fell to the ground where he bled to death.

Violet later went to Mkoba Police Station where she reported that she had exorcised demons at her house.

Police later went on to investigate and discovered that Pedzisai had been killed leading to Violet’s arrest.

A medical report produced in court revealed that Violet was mentally challenged.

Source : New Zimbabwe