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Upcoming Karoi-based musician Something-to-do Kubvunya, who collaborated with Mathias Mhere on his new album, will launch his new release tomorrow at Chikangwe Hall in Karoi.

Titled “Ngoni DzaJehovha”, the album carries eight tracks and Mhere featured on three tracks “Shoko,” “Kosi” and “Muvengi Satan”.

Kubvunya said Mhere is one of his favourite musicians who had inspired him and he had decided to work with him on the new project.

“To me, Mhere is a talented artiste who has a vision of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ through music and I can safely say that having him on my new project is a dream come true,” he said.

He said his album carries the message of hope to people who will be facing challenges in life.

“The album is about giving hope to the people. We face different things daily and people have to know that God is the answer in every situation no-matter how complex the situation might be,” he said.

Other songs on the album are “Mubairo”, “Ngatinamatei”, “Baba Ndinouya” and “Mwanakomana”.

Kubvonya’s manager Shalom Chigandari said Mhere will be the guest artiste at the launch and that they will be supported by Revelation Singers and Aleck Dumba.

“We will be launching the album this Saturday at Chikangwe Hall with Mhere being our guest artiste and he will be supported by Revelation Singers and Aleck Dumba,” he said.

Kubvunya and his band, The Voices of Hope Crew, have two other albums “Kuzvipira” and “Hushingi Munashe”.

Source : The Herald