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Nicholas Chirunga, a backing vocalist for gospel musician Mathias Mhere, has released a six-track gospel album titled “Mkuru we- Vakuru”. The album carries songs such as “Chonyepa”, “Hushamwari”, “Zvandinakira” and “Zvaitwanashe” among others.

In an interview with The Herald Entertainment, Chirunga thanked Mhere saying without his support he would not have released the album.

“I would like to thank Mathias Mhere and the Saints of God for the support, Mathias supported me financially and also helped me in the recording of the album. In short, I can safely say he has played a pivotal role in making the project a success,” he said.

Commenting on the possibility of a split, he said he was not planning on parting ways with his mentor for now but admitted that it might be happen at a later stage.

“God is the only one who knows what the future holds, but for now I am still Mhere’s backing vocalist and I am happy with that,” he said.

He also thanked the “Zino Irema” hitmaker for grooming him and giving him exposure as an opening act during some of his shows.

Meanwhile, Chirunga said he has tried to become his own man and not ride on Mhere’s fame.

“My type of music is a mixture of genres including sungura and I am confident that people will be able to differentiate my music from Mhere’s,” he said.

Mhere has been blasted for being a copycat of Mutare-based gospel musician Blessing Shumba.

And in his wake there have emerged a number of musicians who have also been mistaken for Shumba with some observers blaming the producer for coming up with the same beat for the musicians.

Will Chirunga not suffer the same “copycat’ fate? Only time will tell.

Source : The Herald