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THE annual Midlands Amateur golf tournament roars into life today and will run until tomorrow with several top amateurs taking part. The 72-hole tournament comes just a few weeks after the Chapman Grandslam held in the capital. Stuart Krog will be the major drawcard in a field of over 40 golfers. Krog has been doing well although he missed the Chapman Grandslam, which was won by Ben Follet-Smith.

Several players like Never Milazi, David Amm and Justin Kersten, fresh from the international tour where he took part in the British Junior Open, are expected to take part.

The amateur championships have since become unpredictable as Clive Nguru, who usually dominated the events, has since turned professional.

Garry Thompson has been doing well. Meanwhile, the Stanbic Bank Golf Day was a big success at Chapman yesterday.

Source : The Herald