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Midwives have been challenged to desist from abusive practices and ill-treating expecting mothers as a way of reducing the country’s maternal deaths that is estimated at 614 deaths per 1 000 live births.

Speaking at the Midwives Scientific Conference and annual general meeting held in Kadoma recently, Zimbabwe Confederation of Midwives president Ms Lilian Dodzo said despite a critical shortage of staff in public maternity wards across the country, midwives should desist from practices that were against their code of conduct.

“Let us all employ professionalism and the nursing process in the execution of our duties to reduce maternal deaths in the country. We must desist from practices that are abusive to the expecting mothers and respect the ethical considerations of our job to create a favourable environment in maternity wards.

“I urge you fellow midwives to remain professional and save the lives of women, their children and families,” she said.

Ms Dodzo told midwives to give enough care to mothers and closely monitor them to avoid birth-related complications.

She said there were reported cases where expecting mothers would call for attention from midwives without any response and sometimes accused midwives of beating them up.

She said all health officials in hospitals should treat all patients with respect despite their age and status.

Speaking at the same occasion, Ministry of Health and Child Care deputy reproductive health director Mrs Margaret Nyandoro said midwives should strive to promote the health of women.

“I urge all of you to continue working hard and promote the health of women and their children. The issue of quality in provision of care is very important and midwives should take the lead in promoting quality of care,” she said.

Source : The Herald