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HARARE Mayor, Bernard Manyenyeni, has said he is fed up and ready to quit as the job has become impossible due to meddling by politicians and the military.

Manyenyeni particularly expressed concern over the military’s interference in council affairs, saying senior security services officers regularly hold secret meetings at Town House without his approval.

“The Joint Operation Command (JOC) has been, and comes, to the Town House once a month or so and convene meetings,” he said.

The mayor was addressing residents gathered at a forum organized in mid-week by the Harare Residents Association CHRA in Harare under the topic “Who is in charge at Town House, Understanding the Politics of social service delivery in Harare”.

“As mayor, I do not know what they (military) will be discussing about (at Town House),” said Manyenyeni.

“I have nothing against JOC they are a state organ, they have a duty to function in areas where they have an interest in.

“But I have asked to join in one of the meetings and hear their outcomes.

“I do not think they are discussing anything malicious but in order to enhance trust, as the leader of the council, I would need to hear what they are discussing.”

JOC is made up of senior members of the security services which include the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, the Central Intelligence Organisation, prison services and the police.

Manyenyeni said politicking at Town House was preventing him from effectively executing his duties as mayor and would resign from the ‘hot’ seat if anyone offers to takeover.

He also said he still faces resistance from Town Clerk ,Tendai Mahachi, who was invited by CHRA to attend the meeting but later sent an apology.

When Manyenyeni was sworn in as new Harare Mayor last year, Mahachi refused to give him key information including details of the salaries of senior council officials.

The mayor then suspended the town clerk who however, defied the sanction with the support of local government minister and top Zanu PF official Ignatius Chombo.

Source : New Zimbabwe