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One of the best things about the Harare International Festival of the Arts is that it exposes audiences to new talents. And the best days were The Golden Pilsner Day and the Coca-Cola Day which exposed the audiences to a variety of music and classic acts.

One of the acts that moved the crowds was the DJ Party featuring the South African radio personality and club DJ Milkshake.

Of course, Zimbabwe’s own DJ Storm opened the show on the Coca-Cola Day when he played club bangers that moved the crowd.

One of the glaring things about local deejaying is that it is flat.

Most DJs do not use their microphones to communicate with the crowd like what DJ Storm and NR Entertainment, who play week in, week out at Sky Bar, do.

The DJs do not have the voices, lack confidence in their language and worst of all they don’t know how to use the microphones.

When DJ Milkshake took to the stage, the levels went a gear up. Man oh man, Milkshake simply knows when and how to use the microphone. Even if you do not know the song you just move to the beat.

And the way he introduces his tracks is pretty amazing and flawless, you can tell that he has been exposed to international scenes.

Of course, he played a different playlist from what clubbers in Harare have become used to, which was a plus for him. He also knew what sort of crowd he was playing for and each time he played a track fans went wild.

Source : The Herald