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The politics of giantism now taking centre stage is driving the future of this world into greater peril with international diplomacy, and therefore dialogue, being shoved in the shade by Western imperialism, as demonstrated against Zimbabwe and other smaller nations

When Big Brother wields hammers and big-headed knobkerries over a fly navigating its territory to find better ways of survival – witness illegal Western sanctions imposed against the land reform programme in Zimbabwe – this means that small nations that refuse to kowtow to more powerful states will be forced to walk on tiptoes to avoid being blown up by landmines strewn over their land as punishment for making Big Brother unhappy.

As alluded above, the continuing pursuit by the United States government of regime change in Zimbabwe as punishment for implementing land reform is the case in point here, as elsewhere where smaller nations act in ways that are seen to be against the interests of Western imperialism.

That, instead of sending a congratulatory, goodwill message on this country’s 34th anniversary of independence, Washington decided to add more Zimbabweans on its sanctions list – an act of enhanced aggression showing that it remains unrepentant.

[That some Zimbabweans, many of them with their ancestors, were dropped from that iniquitous list is not anything to celebrate as they were not supposed to be on it in the first place.]

But for the US to have continued to impose sanctions on skeletons in graveyards in Zimbabwe, as though afraid that the dead might resurrect and cause more harm to mighty America, if any at all, demonstrates the callousness and impunity of the people in power in that country.

What boggles the mind more, however, is the freezing of the bank account of Zimbabwe’s diplomatic mission in Washington – since unfrozen – after the Zimbabwean Government lodged a protest with the State Department there.

If that act is not open aggression against a sovereign state, and a violation of international law, this pen wonders what that action deserves to be called.

Now let us suppose that the Zimbabwean Government reciprocated by freezing the USA embassy bank account in Harare, America would probably just stop short of sending an army to force our Government to reverse its decision.

But what is certain is that the world Press would publish embassy upon embassy of words with invented adjectives denouncing our President and his Government for doing exactly what the Americans did and for which quiet praises must have been showered on it.

When the West imposes sanctions on smaller nations, say, by withholding aid for the latter’s rejection of homosexuality as has been the case with Malawi and Uganda, one wonders just what brand of civilised standards about which Western countries including America hug themselves.

As a matter of fact, this pen wonders what future is in store for generations to come with sanctions, a dialogue of the tongueless, now increasingly replacing round table discussions to resolve conflictual situations developing around the globe.

One can only conclude that, as Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa poignantly said in Bulawayo the other day that, nations caught up in conflict zones where America and company have interests will have to spend lifetimes tiptoeing around sanctions-landmines planted by Big Brother.

Words to describe such a world will have to be invented by lexiconists.

But what a weird world, then, to which humanity might be headed!

Source : The Herald