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The adage, when one door closes another opens, adequately describes the story of Bindura based jazz crooner Munyaradzi Chionika whose stage name is Agwabada. A former gold panner, he escaped death by a whisker in 2012 when a mine shaft collapsed while he was six meters under. It took him months to recover from the injuries and that was when he resorted to song writing marking the birth of his musical career.

“I started music by default. I received the call as I was in agony from the injuries that I sustained on one of my legs, head and ribs from the accident when I was prospecting for gold.

“That incident also earned me the name Agwabada, describing how I lay lifelessly during the accident,” he said.

Agwabada said he made a pledge to use this musical talent to minister to the world and he has never looked back ever since, no wonder he fuses his reggae-inclined tunes with motivational lyrics.

His latest album “Regai Ndimbofara” caries eight tracks and is laden with spiritually-uplifting songs like “Zvamuremera”, “Nhume”, “Kumba”, “Usambochema” and “Ndinokuda”.

The album was recorded at Ghetto Craft Studios owned by Allie View who is also based in the same town.

“Regai Ndimbofara” is an album that challenges people to let others be when it comes to celebrating life” he said.

This celebration runs through his tracks and is buttressed by the people who have been supporting him throughout his musical journey and these include promoters like Tawa Driving School, Peter Makaka and one Samuriwo who runs a business of kombis.

“I am also currently being assisted by Paddy Jegadi who is also a businessman with an ear for good music. One good thing about it is that he is promoting our province in a big way,” said Agwabada.

The artiste who is married to Letwin Kapunura with whom he has three children said he was keen to receive more airplay although his songs like “Kwava Kuenda”, “Jazel” and “Chamali” are currently doing well on air.

“Keep on keeping on if you want to make it big in the industry, you should not give up,” he aised upcoming artistes.

Source : The Herald