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A MINING contractor was killed Thursday night at Blanket Gold Mine after a power outage, the company has announced.

Located some 15km west of Gwanda, Blanket mine is a subsidiary of Canada-based Caledonia Mining Corporation.

In a brief statement, Caledonia said the accident happened at one of Blanket mine’s satellite operations, GG property.

The miner is said to have fallen from a ladder while climbing up from the bottom of a shaft after a brief power outage.

“Blanket Mine will provide all the necessary assistance to the Ministry of Mines Inspectorate Department in its enquiry into this incident.

“Until such a time as the outcome of this enquiry has been reached, no further details can be released,” the company said.

It added: “The directors and management of Caledonia and Blanket express their sincere condolences to the family and colleagues of the deceased.”

Source : New Zimbabwe